For Comfort, Care and Convenience…
the Choice is Clare.

Let Clare bring expert medical care to you in the comfort of your community residence.

Clare Brings Health Care to the Customer…Not the Customer to the Health Care

Bringing regular proactive care to the mobility challenged resident promotes a higher level of adherence to routine and preventative examinations. Accessibility and convenience fosters compliance, better patient outcomes, and longer lived, healthier residents.

Regional Teams…Familiar Faces

For consistency, Clare assembles a local team of providers who work to establish trusting and long-term relationships with our customers. As a result your resident will likely see the same team of familiar faces delivering their care. Providers who know their customers and their needs can establish better care plans designed to drive better outcomes.

Solutions That Give Caregivers a Breather

Delivering a resident to an off-site medical appointment can be difficult. Often a 15-minute appointment takes several hours and occupies several caregivers. Clare’s EMR and point of care technology helps to reduce the caregiver’s workload and provides families living at a distance with peace of mind knowing that their loved one is being well looked after. It’s a solution that everyone can be happy with.

Help Keeping Track

Elderly patients miss appointments for a variety of reasons: They forget, they don’t know who to follow up with, or they simply don’t understand the plan of care they are receiving. The problem is compounded when a patient is a recent hospital discharge. The Clare team helps customers keep track and stay on schedule. Appointment compliance = better care.

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