We provide a wide range of medical services you can count on.  Look what may be available to you:


Primary care refers to the first point of healthcare and includes general practices and pharmacy access as well as dental and optometry services. This generally describes any of the healthcare services you can receive without it being necessary to go to a hospital, with most people associating this care with their local GP or general practitioner. The access to primary care in one’s own home can be extremely beneficial, especially for seniors who may be less comfortable leaving their home regularly. 


Podiatry, also known as chiropody, describes the treatment of common foot or lower leg issues such as ingrown toenails and bunions. A podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in this area and can provide specific information to an individual patient such as what type of shoes to wear and how to take care of their feet. This service can also be of great benefit to elderly individuals who may struggle to be on their feet for long periods due to podiatry issues and would therefore prefer to receive treatment from the comfort of their own home.


Mental health issues are becoming more and more common nowadays, especially with the covid-19 pandemic reducing the amount of time older people can spend with their friends and family. Mental health counselling is therefore hugely important and should always be available to anyone who feels they require it. Furthermore, someone who is already struggling with their mental health may find it difficult to reach out and ask for counselling, and therefore the option to receive counselling from their own home is incredibly beneficial and important for them.

REHABILITATIVE MEDICINE (physical and occupational)

This refers to a branch of medicine that has the purpose of trying to aid and restore the functional ability of people with physical or mental impairments or disabilities while aiming to improve their quality of life. An injury or illness that restricts the movement of an individual can be incredibly frustrating, in particular when it limits their occupational capabilities. Therefore, it is essential that these individuals are able to receive suitable treatment from their own home.


Diabetes can be incredibly difficult to deal with for any individuals, especially those in the early stages of diagnosis. Diabetes sufferers may also be hesitant to reveal their diagnosis to their family, friends and neighbours and therefore may not wish to leave their home for treatment on a regular basis. For this reason, it is important that patients can receive diabetes care as well as advice and support without being required to leave their home and travel to a hospital or treatment clinic.


This may not be an issue for some patients, but for others, especially elderly individuals, managing their medication can be confusing and frustrating and, in some cases, can even lead to patients forgetting or being unwilling to take their required medication. It is essential that those who are in need of medication management can have access to a care worker who will help them to organise their medication and create a schedule which ensures the correct medication is taken at the correct time each day of the week.
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