As we begin to take steps to emerge from this pandemic, the market has seen a return to in-person activities, including in-person events. And with telehealth continuing to decline for the third month in a row, it’s evident that in-person medical visits are more in greater demand as well. 

Particularly in the United States, where a relatively large percentage of the population has already been vaccinated, the trend of in-person care is expected to continue. At Clare, we are cautiously resuming our on-site events and health screenings for vaccinated individuals at local assisted living, independent living facilities, and senior centers throughout the great state of New Jersey. 

Some of these recent events are pictured below!

Our medical assistants have gone out to visit local residents over the past few months to provide them with complimentary screenings for Diabetes and Balance testing. Our medical assistants make sure to provide a great deal of wellness education and helpful information to residents and staff at every screening.

As we gradually attempt to return to some semblance of normalcy, it’s been a pleasure for us to resume these events and spend time with local residents.

In truth, we never stopped treating our patients in person, even during the height of Covid. As caregivers on the front lines treating a vulnerable population, we saw it as our duty to go out to our patients, and provide them with the care they needed. In the height of the Covid outbreak when other practices shuttered their doors or refused to see patients face to face Clare did so in compliance with regulatory guidelines. 

It is our hope that the situation will only continue to improve despite some recent setbacks, but no matter what happens over the next few months, one thing is for sure. Clare Medical of New Jersey is here for you!

If you’re interested in having Clare arrange an on-site event at your assisted living facility, independent living facility, or senior center, for your residents please reach out to us at or call (609) 474-0120 today! 

New Standard Senior Living in Egg Harbor Township

July 15th event at Coles Landing, a National Church Residences community

Clare Medical of New Jersey Medical Assistants, Maribel and Austin, at Monroe Village


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